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A Community for Religious Debate.

Oh Your God!
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Religious debate


This community is for religious debate. It is for those that want to question, discuss or defend religion. People of all faiths or no faith at all are welcome.

While we encourage most types of free expression here, this community was not begun as a place to "bash." It was begun as a place to debate religion, lack of religion, etc. without an oppressive batch of moderators slapping your wrist if you use the word "damn" or call someone an idiot. We fully support adult discussion and debate, but let's face it. Sometimes people are just being idiots, even if they don't mean to.

We want people to be able to get along and debate with one another. We want people to learn to be tolerant of other people and their beliefs (or lack thereof) even if they don't agree with them. We want people to be able to do this of their own free will, not by being forced into being nice by the moderators. We (should) all be adults here, thus we should all be able to recognize the fact that through some working at it, we can learn from one another or at least educate ourselves about other belief systems than our own, and do so with some decorum, without being told to.

However, if you've come here seeking a place to do nothing more than be mean to the people you disagree with and you have no intention of debating while doing so, you're in the wrong place. The lax environment doesn't translate into, "come on in and be a dick with no purpose other than to be a dick." Our goal here is that people of faith, people not of faith, and people who aren't certain might educate themselves about the other sides of the fence. This is not a "bash" community, nor is it a "We Hate [Insert Group]!" community. Please keep that in mind.


  • Do not break the law. When posting ask yourself this question, "Could I go to jail for this?" If the answer is no, post away.

  • If you aren't here to debate (a discussion, as of a public question in an assembly, involving opposing viewpoints) you are in the wrong place. If all you have to say is, "Christians/Atheists/Buddhists/Etc. are bad/wrong/etc." then you have no place here.

  • Do not post irrelevant crap. If your post has nothing to do with religion then it has nothing to do with this community.

  • Do not delete posts. Everyone in this community is expected to own what they say. If you make a post and you aren't getting the feedback you were hoping for, we're very sorry, but DO NOT delete the post. If you can't handle getting criticism for something you post here, then you shouldn't be posting in the first place.

  • No friends-locking, please. A post you friends lock might be something that interests someone who isn't a member of the community, and if they can't see it, they can't be interested.

There are no rules regarding language, name calling or "insults". If you are thin skinned then you should either toughen up a bit or leave the community. We do not encourage flame wars, but we will not put them out. If all someone can do is swear and hurl insults then they are an idiot and not worth anyone's time. If they swear and hurl insults while making valid points then it is up to you to decide whether or not you can deal with it, not the moderators.

Trolling ain't cool. If we're reasonably sure you're a troll, there's a pretty strong chance that we'll actually pull out the dusty old ban-hammer on you. Trolls smell. And they're ugly. And we don't like ugly.

The moderators of 0hyourgod are eggsnail, dharma_ben, doctoreon, and thinwhiteduke. If you have questions about anything in the community, message one or all of us on Live Journal. But please use your own discretion about what to message about. We're not going to bother with someone being mean to you or telling you you're stupid. Just stop arguing with them. Case closed.


If you'd care to affiliate with 0hyourgod, give one of the moderators a shout. If your community is at least remotely relevant to ours, we'll be happy to add you.

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